General Information

The expo is taking place at World Trade Center at Prairieland Park on September 11 & 13, 2020. The halls will be open FRI: 4-9PM SAT: 10AM-6PM, SUN: 10AM-5PM.

Typically we start announcements for SEE a few months before the actual date of the event but if there is absolutely something we just can’t keep a secret, well you will know sooner than later! We are as big of fans of all of this as you are!

We’ve made it very simple. Click on Tickets at the top of the page and select your ticket type. If you’d like to buy in-store, please visit Amazing Stories or 8th Street Books and Comics in Saskatoon, both Comic Readers locations in Regina or Game Haven in Humboldt. Please note that these stores accept cash as payment for Expo tickets and may not be able to process debit.

Tickets will be available at the door, with a $5 increase per ticket, and we cannot guarantee admission if the venue reaches capacity.

Absolutely! Families are more than welcome at SEE. In fact, children aged 12 and under are FREE as long as they are accompanied by an adult (18+), maximum four children per adult.

Of course! This wouldn’t be much of a community if you couldn’t! Use our contact page or any of our social media accounts to send us a message.

Not at all. Cosplay is a fun, creative part of our convention that many people take part in, but in no way is it necessary in order to come and experience everything that the Expo has to offer.

It’s important to have cash at the convention, as autograph sales are cash, there is not debit at Admissions, and many vendors do not have credit or debit. It’s a good idea to bring cash with you, but we always have ATMs on-site as well.

They are not. Autograph and photo op fees are separate.

The autograph prices are set by each individual guest, and are not posted ahead of time.

You sure can. You can have up to four people in a photo, yourself included.

The photo op time slots are strictly for photo ops only. Autographs are not permitted in the photo op area but you can get an autograph at your guest’s table during their designated autograph times.

So your favorite celeb is coming to the Expo and you want to leave him or her with a token of your undying love.  It’s a fabulous gesture and kudos to you for your generosity! However, not all guests are able or willing to accept gifts, so please take a look at the points below before pouring 2000 man hours of work into that handmade Torchwood themed afghan that you want to give to John Barrowman.

All gifts must be approved by the agent or representative before being given to the guest. Food/consumable gifts are not allowed (this includes alcohol). Gifts that appear to be menacing or some kind of weaponry will not be allowed.

Keep in mind that many guests do not want to accept gifts as it can make getting home somewhat difficult  – a giant razor sharp Freddy Krueger claw likely won’t go over well in customs, also, it’s bulky and tough to pack in a suitcase. So don’t be offended if a guest declines to accept the gift that you’ve so humbly presented to him or her. It isn’t a personal insult, it’s just a matter of practicality.

The Expo is a fantastic place to meet new friends, be part of an ever-growing community, and help geeks take over the world! You can find all the info about becoming a volunteer on the volunteer page.