Exhibitor Registration Now Open!

SEE is a unique event that will bring in over 15,000 people into one location over 2 days. The excitement is building fast, and will last for months after the event. It’s a cost effective way to showcase your products to a lot of potential customers in a concentrated area. There will be a wide variety of people and exhibitors with a wide range of products, which means you can also reach new consumers while staying in touch with your current buyers.

Artist Alley (Alphabetical)

Aleksi Ann

Booth 905


Booth 720

Archangel Art

Booth 502

Art by Megan Guttormson

Booth 810


Booth 803

Arty McFly

Booth 509, 510

Beamies Buddies

Booth 620


Booth 707, 807

Broken Station

Booth 1017

Col-Ter Creations

Booth 607

Custom Paper Crafts

Booth 611, 612

Damian Shishkin

Booth 1004

David Germain

Booth 617

David Joyce Art

Booth 513, 514

Don Sparrow

Booth 922

Fizzy Fashions

Booth 1022

Gerard Gareau

Booth 902, 903


Booth 618

Inkfable Media

Booth 1118


Booth 808

Jac Jordan

Booth 606

Jackson Gee

Booth 913, 914

Jammy Poulin Illustration

Booth 1020


Booth 703


Booth 804

K.E Barron

Booth 618

Katelyn Sander

Booth 519

KushieJay Art

Booth 518


Booth 504

Lindsay Macnab

Booth 1014

Lyeric Works

Booth 522

Made by Meag

Booth 518

Misc Marion

Booth 520


Booth 601

Nick Nack Nerdy

Booth 1012

Oneshi Press

Booth 521


Booth 1001, 1002

PR Creative

Booth 1003

Quantum Entanglement

Booth 609, 610

Ramshackle Alley

Booth 817

Rawry and Pohly

Booth 613, 614


Booth 603

Renegade Pencil

Booth 811, 812

Roberto Duque

Booth 904

Robot Bear

Booth 917

Sarah Plestid

Booth 1011


Booth 1009

Scott A. Ford

Booth 717, 718

Scottysloth Art

Booth 1006


Booth 709, 710


Booth 702


Booth 621

Warped Vinyl

Booth 821


Booth 921

Zephyr Boutique

Booth 901


Booth 906

Exhibitors (Alphabetical)

Alchemy Apparel

Booth 1300, 1400

Allied Wrestling Entertainment

Booth X44, X45

Art of Meeee

Booth X32

Black Sheep Gifts

Booth 625-627

Black Sheep Gifts is back in Saskatoon with more of what you were asking us for.
Who wants Pins and Patches? You do!
Who has the best Fandom Surprise bags?  We do!
Contacts, Wigs, Bags and  more.
We are waiting for you.


Booth 309, 310


Booth 1026, 1027

Celebrity Connections

Booth 930

Western Canada's premier destination for celebrity memorabilia.  Whether you're into movies, music, or television, Celebrity Connections is sure to have something for your collection.

Chasing Artwork

Booth 524, 624

Chez Rhox

Booth 109, 110, 209, 210

Chop Shop Goods

Booth 321, 421

Chozen Studios

Booth 1104, 1105


Booth 1302-1305, 1401-1405

Collector’s Estate

Booth 417, 418

Copper Kettle Fudge Co.

Booth 425

Custom Models (by Simcoe)

Booth 1028

Da Pop-Up Shop

Booth 1115, 1215

Dangerous Damsels

Booth 407, 408

Dark Age Creations

Booth 724-727, 824-827

Dark Age Creations is Canada's Source for everything Medieval! Sales & Rentals of Swords, Armour, and Medieval Accessories! Hand Made Knives, Swords, Archery Gear, Shields, and Leather work from our in house fabricators! Stop by our booth to try on a Helmet get a #HelmetSelfie!

Dragon’s Den Games

Booth T1 (Hall A)

We carry a wide variety of Board Games, Card Games, Roleplaying Games, and Table Top Miniature Games! Stop by our booth for a chat and check out the tabletop gaming area directly behind our booth!


Booth 315-317

Extra Life

Booth 115, 215

Eyecatcher Graphics and Video

Booth X9

Fast Toys, Furious Collectibles

Booth 318, 319

Felix & Kitty Creative

Booth 1119, 1120, 1219, 1220

Fire and Steel

Booth 302, 303

Geeky Tendencies

Booth X46, X47 (Hall A)

Glitter Kat Body Art

Booth 1103

Grym Forge

Booth X42, X48 (Hall A)

H3 Studios

Booth 1110

Hi Tech Gametraders

Booths 120, 220


Booth 410


Booth X2

JVW Collectibles

Booth 409

K&K Wear N Play

Booth 225


Booth X8

Kay Pop Art Inc.

Booth 423, 424

Kaze Productions

Booth X5

King’s Court Collectibles

Booth 525, 526

Korol’s Collectibles

Booth 325

KTB Collectibles

Booth 1112

Kutting Edge

Booth 1310, 1410

Little Star Gifts

Booth 300, 301

London Drugs

Booths 1325-1327, 1425-1427

Get your Game on at London Drugs! We carry all the brands you love including: Asus ROG, Arozzi, HyperX, Logitech, PlayStation, Thrustmaster, TreeFrog & Xbox. We also carry a wide selection of special order items, available online at LondonDrugs.com/gaming

Lozman Canada

Booth 112, 113 and 222, 223

Maze Studios

Booths 415, 416


Booth 403


Booth X38

Minifigure Maddness

Booth 427, 1100, 1200

Minifigures and More

Booth 124

Mistview Media

Booth X4

MTC Toys

Booth 1321-1325, 1421-1425

Nomad Posters

Booth 1024, 1025

Noms Designs

Booth 1209


Booth 313

Otaku Entertainment

Booth 1210

Outbound Extreme Streetwear

Booth 306, 307, 406

Phoenix Scroll Saw Art

Booth 1114


Booth 227

Pinz'n'Thingz is your top spot for enamel pins, jewelry, and other small accessories. Serving your geeky "bling" needs since 2010!


Booth 1111

PNP Games Inc

Booth 304, 305

Prince Albert Comics

Booth 308

Quentin’s Collectibles

Booth 327

Toys, Comics, Posters and Video Games. Basically anything Pop Culture. You need it? We likely have it or can get it!

Quicksilver Comics

Booth 205

Ragnar the Trader

Booth 314, 414

Rajers Imports

Booth 100, 200

Red Meat Games

Booth X53 (Hall A)

Red Moon Glassworks

Booth 1106, 1107

Rick and Davey’s Posters and Supplies

Booth 1125-1127

Rogues Bunker

Booth 927

S.M. Beiko

Booth 422

Saskatchewan Lego Users Group

Booth 1311-1314, 1411-1414

Saskatoon Public Library

Booths X13-14

Scott’s Comics

Booth 201-203

Smile Cosplay

Booth CC4 (Hall A)

SMUGware Studios

Booth 103, 104

Social Market

Booth 411

Sock Rocket

Booth 224

Spa Stuff

Booth X25


Booth 1309, 1409

Starcast Anime

Booth 1109

Strands and Stitches

Street Cat Rescue

Booth 122, 123


Booth 1030

TFTOYS.CA is one of Canada's largest dealers of Transformers.  From original Generation 1 to current Siege and Masterpiece figures as well as everything in between, if you're into robots in disguise, then you need to visit them either in person or at their website.

The Brick Chick

Booth 1108, 1208

The Mad Hatter’s Crocheting Adventures

Booth 114

The Paper Canvas

Booth 211, 212

The Sesula Mineral & Gem Museum and Rock Shop

Booth X7

The Star Wares Guys and Props

Booth X21


Booth 105

Tiny Twinz 3D Imaging

Booth 322, 323


Booth 1117

Toynk Toys

Booths 1121-1124, 1221-1224


Booth 320

Unique Wood Products

Booth 125

V.C Boldick

Booth 402

We Have Issues

Booth 106, 206

Wings of YXE

Booth 1106, 1107

Xtreme Paraphilia

Booth 1101, 1102, 1201, 1202


Booth X20

You’ve Got Maille

Booth X40


Booth 213, 214


Once the expo get closer we will have a full list of exhibitors so you know exactly who to expect and can start planning your route through the Expo!