Exhibitor Registration Now Open!

SEE is a unique event that will bring in over 15,000 people into one location over 2 days. The excitement is building fast, and will last for months after the event. It’s a cost effective way to showcase your products to a lot of potential customers in a concentrated area. There will be a wide variety of people and exhibitors with a wide range of products, which means you can also reach new consumers while staying in touch with your current buyers.

Premium Artist Alley (Alphabetical)

Brown Rabbits

Booth 500, 600

Nyco Rudolph

Booth 716, 816


Booth 516, 616

Shadow Puppet Studios

Booth 515, 615

Studio Twaddle

Booth 916, 1016

The Art of Mel Hohn

Booth 915, 1015

The Frosty Pumpkin

Booth 923, 1023


Booth 715, 815

Yanimator Art

Booth 700, 800

Premium Exhibitors (Alphabetical)

Black Sheep Gifts

Booth 625-627

Celebrity Connections

Booth 930

Dark Age Creations

Booth 724-727, 824-827

Little Star Gifts

Booth 300, 301

London Drugs

Booths 1325-1327, 1425-1427

Minifigure Maddness

Booth 427, 1100, 1200

Rick and Davey’s Posters and Supplies

Booth 1125-1127


Booth 1030

Premium Exhibitors

Once the expo get closer we will have a full list of premium artist alley exhibitors so you know exactly who to expect and can start planning your route through the Expo!