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Artist & Creator Guests

Aaron Navrady

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Aaron Navrady graduated with a Bachelor of Design from the Alberta College of Art & Design (now AUarts) in 2002. His current self published comics project is 'The Cold Fire', a medieval epic about a Norman Crusader who joins a company of knights tasked with pursuing heretics across the Alps during the Albigensian Crusade. It can be found at
Other projects include a short story on the history of the Grey Cup for Nelson Education, a zombie apocolypse mini comic promoting BionX power assist bicycle tech and various short travel stories for Top Shelf 2.0. He is based in Calgary, Alberta and is a founding member of Panel One.

Adam Gorham

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ADAM GORHAM is a Canadian comic book artist based in Mississauga. He is the interior artist responsible for RocketNew Mutants: Dead Souls, and this year's Punk Mambo from Valiant.

Audra Balion

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Audra Balion is an artist and designer from Saskatoon. She has a background in both visual and performing arts, and frequently combines them to create beautiful narrative work. Her silent graphic novel “Flight Nineteen” does just this, using theatre techniques to illustrate the wordless adventure story.

Camilla d’Errico

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Camilla d’Errico is an Italo-Canadian artist who has been making waves in the fine art and comic industries with her manga-influenced style. Ever the prolific artist, Camilla is comic artist/creator and Pop Surrealist painter, while also contributing to the vinyl art toy movement, and expanding her style into fashion, accessories, toys and other merchandise. Camilla resides in Vancouver, BC, where she paints and draws comics, and more recently has been working with entertainment companies on feature films and videogames. She has distinguished herself through her ability to seamlessly weave comic art and manga with surrealist elements, wrapping it all together with an extensive emotional palette.

Carson Demmans

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In a writing career spanning the last 25 years, I have had comics published in books, magazines, comic books, syndicated features, small press, mini comics, and online, with readerships ranging from zero to one hundred million. My non-comics work includes articles and short stories. “Read by millions, known by nobody.”

Chase Kantor

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Chase Kantor is a writer/colour artist living in Edmonton, AB Canada with his wife, Alicia and fur babies Clementine, Garrus, and Archer. In addition to collecting Star Wars figures, Chase also collects degrees: a bachelor’s in biology and classical literature, a diploma in writing for film and television, and a PhD in physiology. His current published work is The Saga of the Jack of Spades, a young-adult fantasy epic inspired by the backstory of the playing card deck. Look for upcoming titles Alice of Spades and I am Manny Katz

Colin Work

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Living in Watson, Saskatchewan, Colin Work's self published book, BLACKTHORNE, takes place in the city he was born and raised in.  Calgary, Alberta.  He started drawing at a young age, and writing merely out of need and necessity.  Colin has done work, predominately art based, on a hand full of Canadian Indie titles but is currently focusing on BLACKTHORNE.

James Zintel

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James Zintel is a cartoonist/illustrator based out of Saskatoon. His most recent work includes the children’s book Saskatchewan A to Z , being the first creator spotlighted in the Renegade Arts & Entertainment Voices program with his comic Shump and working with the Saskatachewan Rush of the National Lacrosse League.

Jarrett Melendez

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Jarrett Melendez has been writing since he learned how to spell. His first published work was a play he wrote in collaboration with a few classmates in high school, called “Oh, Grow Up!” Since then, he has written more than 1,500 online articles on a range of subjects, including video games, cooking, and travel. He is a regular contributor to “Full Bleed,” a quarterly comics and culture magazine published by IDW Publishing. Other works include “The Weight of Time” for A Wave Blue World’s anthology, “All We Ever Wanted,” and contributions to “Sgt. Werewolf,” and “Axe of Hellena.” He is currently writing two graphic novels: a young adult romance, and a memoir.
Jarrett lives in Somerville, MA, with his partner Stuart and their collection of plush pigs.

Jeff Burton

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3 years ago teacher Jeff Burton embarked on a little adventure in launching The Adventures of Auroraman, a superhero comic book set in Humboldt, Saskatchewan! The classically fun superhero stories have been gaining a following ever since, even branching out this year with the Audio Adventures of Auroraman podcast!

Jeff Johnson

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Jeff Johnson has been a professional artist in comics and animation for the last thirty years. He has worked on everything from Wonderman and The Amazing Spider-man for Marvel and Green Lantern for DC Comics to Transformers at Hasbro Studios and The Boondocks for Sony Animation. When not drawing super heroes he spends time walking his dogs and exploring the Oregon coast with his wife.  

Jeremy Haun

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Jeremy is the artist and creator on THE REALM, from Image comics. He is also the writer and sometimes artist on the acclaimed series, THE BEAUTY, also from Image Comics. Other projects include Batwoman, Constantine, and Wolf Moon. Jeremy has worked for nearly every publisher in the industry as well as doing self-publishing via Kickstarter. Jeremy resides in a crumbling mansion in Joplin, Missouri with his wife and two superheroes-in-training.

Joe Harris

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JOE HARRIS is the co-creator and writer of original comics and graphic novels such as the Image Comics rock ‘n’ roll thrill ride, Rockstars, and the environmental sci-fi epics, Great Pacific and Snowfall; along with the supernatural thrillers, Ghost Projekt and Spontaneous, and the children’s fantasy, Wars In Toyland, for Oni Press. In 2013, Joe began a long stint writing the officially-licensed continuation of the paranormal investigations of Agents Mulder and Scully in The X-Files comics at IDW to the enjoyment of fans around the world. The X-Files: Cold Cases—the best-selling audio dramatization of Joe’s comics scripts featuring the voices of David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and the entire original X-Files cast—and the follow-up, The X-Files: Stolen Lives were released by Audible beginning in 2017.   As a young creator at Marvel Comics, Joe launched the cult-classic Spider-Man spinoff, Slingers and the Bishop: The Last X-Man series. He has written for just about all major comics publishers including DC Comics, Marvel, Image, IDW, Dark Horse, Valiant, BOOM! and others.   A horror screenwriter and filmmaker, Harris conceived and co-wrote Darkness Falls for Sony Pictures—after his short film, Tooth Fairy was acquired by Revolution Studios and he was hired to develop it into a feature—along with the politically farcical slasher movie, The Tripper for FOX. In 2018, he co-wrote the live-action web series, Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe for Valiant Entertainment.   His latest project is Surviving Nuclear Attack, a paranoid sci-fi thriller, set to launch in 2019 as part of John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction from Storm King Comics.

Justin Shauf

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Comic book artist. My work can be found in Frankenstein: A World of Gods & Monsters, Canadian Sentinel, Auroraman, Spacepig Hamadeus, & Canadian Corps and more.

Kyle Burles

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Kyle Burles is a professional comic artist, poster designer and freelance illustrator from Calgary Alberta. Currently he is working with writer Michael McAdam on the creator-owned horror comic Gloaming for Two Gargoyles Comics. Apart from his personal work designing and illustrating pop culture-inspired posters, Kyle has also worked on licensed projects for Rick & Morty, Steven Universe, and DC Bombshells as well as several independent comic book series.

Mark Texeira

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Mark (“TEX”) Texeira is best known for his work on Ghost RiderBlack Panther, and Vampirella, . For nearly 40 years, Texeira’s dynamic drawings have been featured in hundreds of books and comics, as well as record albums, magazines, and advertisements. Beloved by his legion of fans, Mark Texeira is welcome everywhere he goes. He gives each fan an autograph with a unique drawing, making a lasting impression with his charm and energy. His enthusiasm has no bounds, and he possesses a great sense of humor and an intense curiosity. His transparency expresses his respect and passion for his audience, his work, and his art. 

Texeira has earned movie credits for his work on Black PantherGhost Rider, and Jonah Hex. Most recently, he dedicated himself to 66 pages of illustrations for the book A Million Ways to Die, which he worked on with Frank Tieri, released in 2018. Fans can also find his cherished work on the comic and collectibles website Dynamic Forces.

Having studied at the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan and the School of Visual Arts, he began his career doing illustrations for He-Man and War Zone, followed by his work in DC Comics, where he illustrated titles such as Jonah HexSwamp Thing, and Stormwatch. Mark Texeira is famous for his astonishing oil paintings, his creative illustrations, and his talent for storytelling that takes you to new heights.

His years of study with his mentors Max Ginsburg, Irwin Greenberg, and David Leffel, among others, are a testament to his oil painting abilities. Texeira's extensive run includes books, comics, and countless paintings shown in movies and more. 

With his influential and charismatic personality, he continues conquering the world of art. His philosophy motivates him to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life and to capture it in his drawings. 

During his time with Marvel, Mark displayed his drawing talents in Psi-Force, Punisher War Journal, Ghost Rider, Legacy of Evil, Wolverine, Sabretooth, Spider-Man: Black Panther (Marvel Knights), Moon Knight, Hercules, Cyclops, Stalker, and more. Collectors can also enjoy Texeira’s illustrations in Upper Deck’s Marvel trading card series.

For Image, he illustrated series like The Darkness: Wanted Dead, Tomb Raider: Scarface's Treasure, and Union # 1.

Michael McAdam

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Michael McAdam is a writer and letterer who publishes under the name Two Gargoyles Comics. Since 1996, Michael’s been creating stories and working with artists to bring those  visions to life. Recently, he’s been seen on the internet in a viral video as a flight attendant doing a funny safety demo.

Michael Walsh

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Michael Walsh is an Eisner and Shuster nominated Canadian comic-book creator, based out of Hamilton, Ontario. In 2013 Michael co-created the IMAGE comic book series COMEBACK, soon to be a major motion picture. Since then he has worked primarily with MARVEL COMICS on properties such as Star Wars, Spider-Man, The Avengers, and the X-Men. His publishers also include DARK HORSE, VALIANT, Archie Comics, TITAN, DC Comics, BOOM and IDW. Michael is currently drawing the Dark Horse x DC Comics crossover event Black Hammer/Justice league.

Nathen Wahl

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Escaping from the Forbidden Dimension, a lone spaceship crash-landed in the Saskatchewan prairies. A dying alien released his cursed pencil of doom to seek his replacement. In this strange time of Saturday morning cartoons and bagged milk, the pencil sought out a new champion… Nathen Wahl. The pencil revealed that whoever holds this pencil if they are worthy, shall be granted the powers of Mr.Saturaday!
Armed with these strange new cosmic powers, Nathen “Mr. Saturaday” Wahl used his cursed gift to write and illustrate “Joe Zombie” the worlds greatest Zombie!
But the curse would come back to haunt him. Soon the pencil transformed all his twisted thoughts and the Atomic Weenie, the Frankfurter fists of fury, the space hotdog..."Big Frank" was born.  
Now Nathen and his Left Hand of Doom will forever roam the prairies as the “Zombie King” of Saskatoon!  

Rags Morales

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A veteran of the comic industry, Rags began his career with DC Comics in 1989 with the TSR licensed book Forgotten Realms. His first super hero series was "Black Condor." 
He has since worked on countless titles for DC, most notably "Identity Crisis". Other notable projects include: long runs on "JSA," "Hawkman," not to forget "Batman/Superman," "Nightwing," The New 52 and "First Wave." 
Rags has also worked with Valiant, Dark Horse, and Marvel Comics. 
From September to May, Rags also teaches at the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Art. He lives in eastern Pennsylvania.

Riley Rossmo

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Riley Rossmo has made comics with Image Comics (Cowboy Ninja Viking, Green Wake, Bedlam, Rasputin), Marvel (Daken The Dark, Wolverine),Boom, IDW and is currently making books at DC Comics (Batman, Batman/Shadow, Constantine the Hellblazer, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter).

Scott Kolins

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SCOTT KOLINS, the award winning comic book creator, known for his art on THE FLASH, THE AVENGERS, JUSTICE LEAGUE and many more. Scott has written and drawn: ADAM.3, SOLOMON GRUNDY, CITIZEN COLD, SUPERMAN-BATMAN, JSA and LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT. Scott has also worked for LUCASFILM and for The FLASH T.V. show. twitter @ScottKolins Instagram scottkolins

Shea Proulx

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Shea Proulx is a Calgary graphic novelist and artist with a BFA from Emily Carr and an MFA from UBC. Her new book, Alice at Naptime, is a beautiful visual-poem about becoming a new mother and finding time to continue creating art.
Her books also include an embryology themed adult colouring book called Alice In The Womb, ABC Monstrosity, a book for both preschoolers and their off-beat parents to enjoy. She is currently working on a full-colour version of ABC Monstrosity.

Tom Grummett

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Tom Grummett has enjoyed a career of thirty years in the comic book industry, penciling various titles for Marvel and DC. Beginning with the New Teen Titans, he moved to regular penciling duties on Adventures of Superman, where he contributed to the Death and Return of Superman storyline. Since then he has worked on Robin, Fantastic Four, Superboy, X-Men Forever, Teen Titans, Incredible Hulk, and Avengers Academy, among others.  He has illustrated comics custom comics for Marvel and DC serving commercial clients, and along with long-time collaborator Karl Kesel, illustrates the creator owned series Section Zero. He was honored in 2015 as a recipient of an Inkpot Award for achievement in the comic arts.
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