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Artist & Creator Guests

Adam Gorham

Adam Gorham is an comic artist based in Mississauga, Ontario. He's worked for numerous publishers, including IDW, Valiant, Archie, and most recently Marvel Comics on "Rocket" and "New Mutants: Dead Souls".

Cam Hayden

Cam Hayden is a Calgary based indie cartoonist raised on Mad Magazine and 70’s dirtbag rock. His books include the weirdo-hillbilly-scifi series, Futility, as well as Red Flag, Death Metal Duck, B-Movie Garbage & Shitty Stories. He has also dabbled in minicomics, illustration for the Imaginative Fiction Writers Association & most recently provided art for I’ve Got Something to Say, by Danko Jones. When he’s not drawing comics, he’s drawing flies with his band, The Cripple Creek Fairies.

Collette Turner

Collette Turner is a Canadian artist with strong Saskatchewan ties. She began working in comics with the publication of her ongoing independent book Badassical in 2016. Since then she’s done work with Coffin Comics on Lady Death and La Muerta, Action Lab Publishing on Dollface and Zomble Tramp, and numerous other books.  Additionally she’s a sought after traditional artist, specializing in marker coloring, and is actively involved in the collectable trading card community.

Donovan Yaciuk

Donovan Yaciuk has done colouring work on books published by Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Chapterhouse Publishing since 1998. Donovan honed his craft as a part of the legendary, now-defunct Digital Chameleon colouring studio. Donovan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from the University of Manitoba. He is entering his entering his 33 year self-publishing the all-ages space adventures of Spacepig Hamadeus. He lives in Winnipeg, MB Canada, with his wife and daughter.

Elaine WIll

Elaine is Xeric Award winner that has created and contributed to the following:
On The Bus (printed in Verb Magazine) [2012 - 2014] Look Straight Ahead (published by Alternative Comics) [2013] Chilly Tales (At the Hundredth Meridian - published by Eleventh Dimension Press) [2014] Saskatch-A-Man [2015] We Choose Our Friends Alone [2015] Then It Was Dark (The End of all Things - published by Peppermint Monster Press) [2015] Dust-Ship Glory preview printing [2016] Årkade [2017] Bottoms Up! True Tales of Hitting Rock Bottom (In The Light of a New Day - published by Birdcage Bottom Books) [2017] Look Straight Ahead second printing (published by Renegade Arts Entertainment) [2017] Dust-Ship Glory (published by Renegade Arts Entertainment) [2018]

Eric Zawadzki

Eric Zawadzki is a Calgary based comic book artist. He is best known for the recently released ETERNAL and the critically acclaimed THE DREGS, both from Black Mask Studios.

Hilary Jenkins

Hilary Jenkins is a painter by day and a comic colorist by night. The magic of color and light is her true passion. Hilary has painted in several books including, 'Peter Panzerfaust' and 'Splitting Image' by Shadowline as well as Eisner nominated series 'Grass Kings' and upcoming series 'Black Badge' by Boom! Studios.

James Silvani

James Silvani a comic book illustrator and merchandising artist. He is best known for his storytelling on Disney’s Darkwing Duck comics first with Boom! Studios and more recently with Joe Books. James has also illustrated interiors and covers  for other Disney titles including DuckTales, Chip n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers, The Incredibles and Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories. In addition he’s provided comic art for Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain and TMNT.
James channelled his childhood passion for prehistoric creatures into writing and illustrating the book DRAW-A-SAURUS: Everything You Need To Know To Draw Your Favorite Dinosaurs (Watson Guptil/Random House)
In the last few years, he has also begun producing licensed fine art and silkscreens for Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm and Dreamworks Animation. He lives on a rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

Jason Sylvestre

Jason Sylvestre works as a cartoonist for CARtoons Magazine, he has a  number of comic books and graphic novels that have been published internationally by a variety of publishers including the best selling "You might be from Saskatchewan if..." , Colour Saskatchewan and Strange Saskatchewan books. He also from time to time works as a freelance writer. He also designs toys and lives in Regina with his wife and two children.

Jeff Burton

The Adventures of Auroraman creator and writer Jeff Burton is a father of five and teacher from Humboldt, Saskatchewan.  Jeff takes his lead from the fond memories of reading fun comic books as a child and loves to see that reaction in his own kids and his students when he introduces them to comics, be it Saskatchewan’s own hero Auroraman or many of the other great Canadian independent comic books out there!  Add to that the fact that Jeff has spearheaded the creation of a network of Canadian Indie creators – The Canadian Comic Book Alliance, where these creators can help spread the word of each others work while opening the doors to collaborations and team-ups – after all who doesn’t love a good team up story now and again!

Jens Robinson

Jens Robinson of New York City is President of CartoonArts International, co-founded in the 1980s with his father, Jerry Robinson, the late cartoonist, historian and artist rights activist. CartoonArts has collaborated with the New York Times Syndicate ( for nearly fifteen years to bring the work of leading editorial artists from around the world to diverse clients and new audiences. Jens also exhibits and publishes cartoons and graphic art on trending topics and curates his original comic art collection. The art includes much of his father’s work on the earliest days of Batman in co-creating the Joker, Robin and other key elements of the Caped Crusader’s mythos.   In Saskatoon, Jens will be signing copies of the book published by Dark Horse, Jerry and the Joker: Adventures and Comic Art.

John Fleming

John Fleming is a Moncton writer. His primary work, Badassical has been short listed for the 2016 Gene Day award, and has met with positive support and review, using social media and crowdfunding to build a collectable community aided comic series.

John Ward

John is a Vancouver-based TV & comic book writer, and creator of the 49 degrees north writers podcast. When not eating spicy curry and listening to punk rock he creates indie comic books, including ‘Scratcher' (with Juan Romera), 'Ultrabot Go Go Go’ (with Tom Sacchi & Jason Williams), and ‘Offbeats' (with Tom Sacchi & Giles Crawford).

Jon Sawatsky

Jon is a freelance writer for Kobold Press and other fine table-top role-playing game publishers. He is best known for his gold-selling "Prepared!" series of adventures, written for the world's most popular role-playing game. Among other projects, Jon is currently writing for "WARLOCK", a bi-monthly gaming booklet published by Kobold Press. He lives in Saskatoon with his family and two dogs, and firmly believes that everyone should have chance to be a hero. Jon is looking forward to meeting the table-top gaming community at the Saskatoon Expo!


Kari is a illustrator from eastern Canada. She began drawing at a young age which then turned into a career today. Kari has worked on short story comics for independent magazines in Canada and France and a tribute short for Mike Weiringo’s Tellos anthology. Kari also illustrated a few covers for Image comics (Wayward, Elephant) as well as constantly developing new projects. In addition, Kari occasionally illustrates children’s books for a local publisher in her hometown under her real name, Danica Brine.

Kelly Tindall

Kelly Tindall is the Shuster Award-nominated creator of Strangebeard, the rollicking comic about the world's deadliest pirate who is also a twelve-year-old girl. He also created The Adventurers, an award-winning diary comic about his delightful little girls, and will soon be publishing three (!) new books that he can only tell you about in person at his table at this very show. So come by!

Lonnie Nadler

Lonnie is a writer and filmmaker from Vancouver, Canada. He is best known for his critically acclaimed graphic novel, The Dregs, from Black Mask Studios. He currently writes comic books for Marvel (Cable), Valiant (Bloodshot), Black Mask Studios (Come Into Me) and Aftershock (Her Infernal Descent). His non-fiction writing has been featured in numerous web and print publications including VICE, HuffPost, and PanelXPanel. His debut feature film, Co-Creators, recently played in festivals across the world. When Lonnie is not building stories, he spends his time drinking too much tea and enjoying the rain.

Mark Allard-Will

Mark Allard-Will is the British-born, Canadian Writer whom calls Saskatoon home. Mostly writing for Comics and known to folk across the Prairies for his appearances on CTV Saskatoon, Global Saskatoon, CBC Saskatchewan and Shaw TV, Mark is best known for his work on titles such as Canadiana comedy Comic, Saskatch-A-Man, metafiction adventure Graphic Novel, Årkade and the soon-to-be-released Horror debut, The Burning Black: Legend of Black Shuck.

Matt Kindt

Matt was just recently nominated for an Eisner award for the BOOM! Studios series Grass Kings, and is the New York Times Best-Selling writer and artist of the comics and graphic novels Dept. H, Mind MGMT, Revolver, 3 Story, Red Handed, Super Spy, 2 Sisters, and Pistolwhip, as well as Justice League of America (DC), Spider-Man (Marvel), XO: Manowar, Ninjak, Rai, and Divinity (Valiant). On top of this year's nomination, he has been nominated for 6 Eisner and 6 Harvey Awards (and won once). His work has been published in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Korean.

Max Dunbar

Max Dunbar is a Vancouver-based comic book and concept artist. He has worked on such comics as; Judge Dredd: Under Siege, Gears of War: Rise of RAAM and Dungeons & Dragons. He lives with his wife Claire, and his two cats, Lloyd and Barney.

Nick Bradshaw

Nick Bradshaw is an Atlantic Canadian Artist based out of Moncton New Brunswick. He’s began working in comics with 2002s launch of Army of Darkness at Dynamite Comics. Since he’s moved on to projects with Marvel, DC, IDW on such Titles as Spider-man, X-men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Danger Girl, Justice League, Titans, Rocketeer and many more.

Renegade Arts Entertainment

From our secret Mountain Lair in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, we work with Canadian and international comic book storytellers to bring stories to life that we are passionate about and believe others will be too. Our award winning and bestselling graphic novels, feature stories by legendary Canadian and international creators as well as exciting new Canadian voices. We also represent Hope Nicholson’s Bedside press for distribution, helping to bring her diverse stories to new readers. Our titles include Canadian history, books for younger readers, Sci-fi, fantasy, humor, adventure and horror.

Ryan Howe

Ryan Howe is a Saskatoon based illustrator, writer, and graphic designer. As an illustrator, his most recent works include ‘Henchmen,’ ‘Captain Flynt and the Corsairs of the Seven Systems,’ and the upcoming project ‘The Burning Black: Legend of Black Shuck,’ a historical horror story written by Mark Allard. Ryan also keeps busy writing and illustrating his all ages adventure series, ‘Daisy Blackwood: Pilot For Hire,’ of which he’s currently working on the fourth volume.

Sharlene Kindt

Sharlene is a colorist who's preferred medium is watercolor. Her work in the comic book industry includes Dept. H, Mind MGMT and Dark Horse Presents. She is currently coloring the limited series Black Hammer: Ghost Hunter.

Travis Sengaus

Travis is an artist based out of Calgary, AB whose work has been in Savage Dragon, Transformers: Combiner Wars, Haunt and Adventures of Spawn. Currently he is focused on my creator owned works, Big Hitters and Reverse The Curse, which you can see the early pages at

Tyler Boss

Tyler Boss is an American cartoonist living in Brooklyn. His first book "4 Kids Walk into a Bank" was released in 2017 to the enjoyment of some, he assumes. His next book "What's the Furthest Place From Here?" releases in November of 2018 to the acclaim of everyone, he assumes. Tyler has done work for Vice, Converse, Remai Modern Musuem, IDW, Image Comics, Society of Illustrators, 30th Century Records, The Stranger, Marshal Project, Black Mask Studios, Tommy Boy Records, Yep Roc Records, Red Hot Organization and just this year, some work for Saskatoon's own Remai Modern!

Tyler Jenkins

Tyler Jenkins is an Eisner nominated creator that draws comics, makes music, and regularly builds fires in the yard. He is best known for his work on the titles: 'Grass Kings' (with Matt Kindt), 'Peter Panzerfaust' (with Kurtis Wiebe), 'Snow Blind' (with Ollie Masters) and 'Neverboy' (with Shaun Simon). Watch out for his upcoming series 'Black Badge', by the same team that brought you 'Grass Kings'!

Venture Maidens

Venture Maidens is a real play fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast crafted by four life time gamers. Tune in as our bold heroes: Arrnodel, Kara, and Sawyeh, do battle with the forces of evil and financial destitution. 3 of these heroes will be joining us Expo weekend to host a live DND Play event, as well as meet fans of Dungeons and Dragons!

Zac Thompson

Zac Thompson is a writer from Prince Edward Island. He's written comic book titles such as Her Infernal Descent, Come Into Me, Marvel's Cable, Valiant's Bloodshot, and just recently Relay from Aftershock Comics. He is best known for his critically acclaimed miniseries, The Dregs. His debut novel, Weaponized, was the winner of the 2016 CryptTV horror fiction contest. Zac is an avid cyclist and overly excitable weirdo.
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