The success of your business — whether you are established in the community or trying the Saskatoon Entertainment Expo for the first time — is reliant on finding new audiences when they are ready to buy. The Saskatoon Entertainment Expo can get your business in front of a captive audience of more than 12,000 potentially new customers!

We are the largest pop culture convention in Saskatchewan. Born in 2013, this amazing event has consistently grown over 500% since it started. It attracted 15,000 attendees in 2018 alone! With more than 25 hours of direct access to that volume of pop-culture fans, you can showcase what your are best at. Fans of the Expo are enthusiasts in every sense of the word. The come to take in all that we have to offer, which includes learning, being entertained and, most importantly for you, shopping!

Increase sales with a powerful call-to-action

Our show guide is read cover-to-cover and kept as a keepsake by our fans. Your well-placed ad, featuring your products and services, help you stand out from the over 300+ exhibitors. Take the opportunity to inform all attendees what you’re about and where to find you on the show floor.

Expand your reach with social media promotion

Tap into the power of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach over 17,000 fans anytime of the year with the help of our social media channels. We work with you to create a social media campaign designed to increase awareness and angagement so that you can meet your goals and interact with ready-to-buy fans. 

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