Become a Volunteer!

We can think of dozens of reasons why you should volunteer. Part of being a great volunteer is loving what you’re doing, finding something you’re passionate about and filling a need in your community. 

The Saskatoon Entertainment Expo is a unique event that brings over 15,000+ people to one location over 3 days. The excitement is building for the 2022 show and will last for months after the event. There are a wide variety of guests and exhibitors with a wide array of products, which will give you plenty to look at over the weekend.

Our applications are currently closed. Watch our social media — we will announce as soon as it’s live!

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Subject to change. 

Volunteers will help welcome guests at the front entrances by wrist banding weekend and VIP guests.

Volunteers will be scanning in tickets from online tickets.

Volunteers will be responsible for traffic flow which includes line-up control and directing guests within the trade centre.

Volunteers required to help with the annual Costume Contest. They will be checking-in contestants (who have preregistered) and then helping marshal each contestant in their respective categories. You could also be paired up with the programming and/or the creator guest volunteers to help maximize a shift.

Volunteers will help in the Creator Guests’ area with various tasks. You could also be paired up with the cosplay and/or the programming volunteers to help maximize a shift.

Our customer service volunteers will work from the Information kiosk. Volunteers to provide information about the show and help direct guests. The information kiosk will also host a coat and parcel check as well as wheelchair and wagon rental program. Therefore some cash handling will be involved.

Volunteers in this area will be helping with the autograph portion of the show. You will be tracking what is being sold as an autograph and there could be some cash handling involved.

Volunteers will scan QR codes for pre-purchased photo ops, help give out the pictures, help maneuver the line-ups.

Volunteers in the programming area will be helping in the panel room with ushering duties as well as maintaining the VIP and Accessible seating sections. You could also be paired up with the cosplay and/or the creator guest volunteers to help maximize a shift.

Volunteers will be checking and screening any cosplay costumes and their props. Some guests will have filled out a prop check application, so this will need to be verified and double checked with what actually shows up. Any props not deemed appropriate for the show but will need to be used for the Costume Contest, will need to be checked-in, a shared space with our parcel check.

Volunteers to handle all the airport pickups and drop offs, as well as all transportation between the hotel and the venue. They work closely with the Guest Protective Services team to make sure each Guest is securely handed off at the venue, and then picked up at the end of the day. Some shifts could start as early as Thursday and end as late as Monday.

Great volunteers